Library Committee

The college library committee was formed to look after its working. It is not enough to have large number of books in the library but the information of the same should be properly communicated to the end users. For this library committee organized a different sessions to make the students aware of the different kinds of books, reference books, and other study materials in the college. Library committee also helped the students by providing them books under the 'Book Bank Scheme'.

Cultural Committee

Cultural Committee is responsible for conducting various inter-collegiate and intra-collegiate activities. It also selects and sends students to participate in competitions held in other colleges

Examination Committee

A very important committee committed towards ensuring strict compliance to the schedules and patterns as and when notified by the University Examination Board. The timely internal schedules and question papers are coordinated by the enterprising team.

Placements Committee

The cell conducts workshops, Seminars, Career Guidance and various placement activities for the students. To facilitate placement for the outgoing students the cell organizes the job mela.

Attendance Committee

A Committee constituted to look into the attendance of the students. This team is committed to monitoring the regularity and punctuality of the students. It aims to bring about a sense of ownership in students as we encourage them to value the most precious thing in life today.


National service Scheme aims at creating awareness Community work and nation building through various activities like Blood donation ,Camp, Adult Literacy Programmes, Rallies, Awareness Programmes,Voluntary work for NGO's etc.