Department of Computer Applications

About the Department:

  1.  The Computer Applications Department was established in 1998 with the introduction of B.Com (Computer Applications) and BCA Courses.
  2. Department has Three separate computer laboratories.
  3. Each laboratory comprised 20 computer systems with suitable software’s as per prescribed
  4. All Computer Labs are exclusively kept for accessing of Internet facility.
  5. All Computer labs are well equipped with the Projectors.
  6. Live interactive sessions conducted through MANA TV are made full use of the studentsCourse Combinations:The following course combinations are being offered.
    Sl.No Course Combination
    1 B.Com(CA) (Annual System) EM,TM & UM Computer Applications (FIT, RDBMS, Web Programming, E-commerce)
    2 B. Com (General) (Annual System) EM, TM &UM FIT
    3 B. Com(General) CBCS EM, TM &UM IT
    4 B. Com(CA) CBCS  EM, TM &UM IT, RDBMS
    5 B. Com(VOC) CBCS  EM IT


    The Department has the following staff members

    Sl.No Name Qualification Designation Experience
    1 B Saritha M. Sc (C.S) Lecturer (Contract Faculty) 12
    2 R. Bharathi M.C.A Lecturer (Guest) 04
    3 Madhu Bhasin Volga M.C.A Lecturer (Guest) 06

    Highlights of the Department:

    The Syllabus as prescribed by Osmania University is followed. The Syllabi of the above courses have been periodically reviewed and sent certain recommendations with regard to revision of Syllabi to the Osmania University authorities.

    The Teaching

    1. Bridge courses were conducted at the beginning of the academic year so as to enable the students to understand the computer subjects very easily.
    2. Students seminars, Quiz Competitions, Power Point Presentations and new Certificate Courses were conducted for the benefit of students.
    3. Students were encouraged to prepare assignments, study projects.
    4. Teaching aids prepared either by staff or purchased from outside were used in teaching for better understanding.
    5. Exposing students to on-line video lectures delivered by eminent teachers of foreign universities – enabling virtual classroom climate.
    6. The department have been well prepared own subject tutorial for B.Com and B.Sc for better performance in their examination.
    7. Enhance the curriculum duly incorporating more challenging activities to strengthen the academic performance.
    8. Purchasing of latest Equipment and Other Peripherals the practical smoothly.

Departmental Activities :2016-17

 Quiz Competition:

 The Department of Computer Applications has conducted  “Quiz Competition”    2016-17 on “30-Nov-2016” for B. Com II and III Yr students.

 The Lecturers involved in this competition

  1. B. Saritha
  2. R. Bharathi
  3. J. Madhu bhasin Volga