Departments Of Arts

Modern history claims its legitimacy as a discipline through the pattern of past reality. Hence, historians articulated that ignorance of the past brought a condemnation of living perpetually in the present. Rethinking history as a discourse through which meaning is created rather than discovered, stresses on the cultural process of knowledge creation and organisation, rather than seeing knowledge as a kind of discoverable.

Department Of Science

The department of commerce, to explore new frontiers of knowledge and innovation in academics. The students in this department are exposed to practical environment through live projects, workshops, Case studies, Practicals, Orientation Programe and industrial visits. Such a mode of education in fact boosts the spirit of students which later adds to their intellectual armory and industry preparedness.

Department Of Commerce

PHYSICS” the science of nature in the broadest sense is the discipline of Science dealing with the properties of matter and energy. It Includes acoustics, atomic physics, electromagnetism, elementary particle physics, mechanics, molecular physics, nuclear physics, optics, quantum physics, solid state physics, thermodynamics and many more.