We believe in inculcating a spirit of curiosity among the students and cultivating a sense of history. Making history meaningful and to make students to infuse a sense of pride in the culture and heritage of our nation The department of history’s vision is to endeavour a better understanding of future by taking into consideration the pre-conception of understanding of the historical significance. To orient the students in understanding the past learn from the present to build a bright future.

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The Dept of History got started in 1981, in the heritage building donated by dancer belonging to Nizam era, with a view to spread across the glorious splendor associated with the famous Nizam rule and British influence; a stunning spectacle of blend of Prussian and Indian Art and Culture. History is the centre piece for humanities education .It is about problem solving gathering evidence and fitting that evidence together to understand what has happen in the past societies.The undergraduate programme in history it’s to recreate the past with building skills of historical analysis writing and research. History is considered by many as the queen of the social science studies. The curriculum covers the Ancient, Medieval and Modern Indian History along with European History from1789 – 1964 and also offers Andhra History from 1600AD to 1956 (the formation of States on the basis linguistic). Islamic History 1400AD to 1956.Its teaching programme is designed to provide students to with a broad overview of world history, narrowing down to focus on History of India with special emphasis on socio-economic and cultural history.

             The faculty of the department of History in succession has contributed their might initiating and continuing noble tradition of teaching the studies of history. The galaxy of able and efficient members of staff has brought commendable academic excellence to the Department since its inception.

The faculty of history have contributed to a great extent for the holistic development of the department adding greater effectiveness to the subject and brought the department to the prestigious heights. Presently, three members of staff are working in the Department, two regular and one on contract basis. We have three mediums English, Telugu & Urdu.



Name of the Faculty

Regular Working




Smt. M. Shanthaveni

2011 till date


12 Years


Smt. I. Sandhya Jyosthna

2010 till date

MA., NET(Ph.d), MRP (Tourism 2020)

Co author for Telugu Academy intermediate history text book for I&II year.

18 Years


Dr. Sameena Basheer

Contract from 2007 till date

M. A, Ph.D (Contribution of Quadri Saints to the Socio-political and economic sphere during Qutub Shahi and Asif Jahi’s Period

Published history book for urdu medium Tariq-E-Hind

27 Years

Achievements and Activities

  • Visits are conducted by the Department to various historical places and heritage sights, including museums and libraries for the students to gain practical knowledge on the matters related to the subject.

  • Students actively participate in inter-collegiate competitions Yuvatharangam and bring laurels to the department and the institution.

  • Some of the students are outstanding NSS Volunteers excelling in various fields.

  • Conducted study projects by students on Ajantha, Ellora Caves, Hampi and Goa

  • Survey was conducted on the temples and historical places in and around Hyderabad and Warangal for strengthening research temper among the students.

  • Recording the interesting details of past history through interaction with the local elders; the great Marathwada King Shivaji’s visit to Hyderabad and a grand reception he received here, on his way to Southern Military Campaigns.

  • Recording some stunning facts through interaction with the elderly curator of Nizam’s Museum; 10 lakh women broke their bangles in respect of the departed ruler, Mir Osman Ali Khan, the last Nizam of the State of Hyderabad, according to the prevailing social tradition in vogue. The streets of Hyderabad got littered with the glittering and shattered pieces of the bangles of the women. 

  • On the eve of 78th Independence Day conducted a programme on Freedom Movement, invited freedom fighter Pothu Kochi Sambashiva Rao

  • Conducted a field trip to Aleep by Arts department

  • Conducted orientation and bridge programme for 1st years every year

The Department has been contributing quality-based learning atmosphere on the campus. Many of the History students over the years have been great performers in the field of NSS and other social activities. Their participation in various activities of the college is commendable.



Syllabus division



History of India from early period to 1526 AD



History of India from 1526 to 1950 AD



History of Europe from1789  to 1950 AD



History of Andhra from 1600  AD to 1956 AD


III BA for urdu medium

Islamic studies 1400 AD to 1956 AD



Certificate Courses


history4history3 history2 history1

Seminar on Freedom Struggle by Pothu Kochi Sambashiva Rao

history6 history5

Certificate course on Bridal Make Up

history10history9 history8 history7

Medical Health Camp 2016

history14history13 history12 history11